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Marketing Agency Galesburg: Reinvent What Your Business Could Be

Marketing is changing. The past several years have triggered a massive shift in everyday life. Consequently, customers’ expectations have changed more rapidly and completely than at any other time in history.

Everything is changing:

  • There’s an explosion of channels to manage
  • New technologies are emerging everywhere
  • The existing technologies are evolving right before our eyes
  • So many companies must navigate the complexity of customer and business demand

It’s intimidating.

But your business must adapt to the ever-evolving customer needs. Otherwise, you’ll be irrelevant tomorrow.

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Your Only Chance is to Accelerate Real Growth Through Change

Your business must drive differentiation, relevance, and growth by extending value, purpose, and creativity to find success. You must execute and optimize multi-channel campaigns, turn customer data into insight and action, and evolve how you go to market.

At Resonate Marketing Studio, we can help you bang out branding and marketing strategies to establish a business people want to buy from forever. Our digital advertising services include the following:

Website Design

Your business’s website is the face of your brand. But how do you design it to boost credibility, showcase what your business stands for, and generate leads and traffic?

Your web design presents one way to stand out and communicate quality information to your consumers.

Small companies need a website design that creates a great first impression and make potential clients comfortable dealing with them. Resonate Marketing Studio can be your web designer. We can help you with the following:

  • Website and brand aesthetics: The first thing that strikes people in the mind when interacting with your website is the visuals — the logo, graphics, color, font, and overall design. Science says the average user takes only 8 seconds to form an opinion about your site and brand.  We’ll help you create an easy-to-navigate design so your visitors can navigate your pages effortlessly and see what you offer.
  • Load time optimization: You might have heard the adage “patience is a virtue. But for most of your site visitors, that virtue goes out of the window when they encounter slow page load time. In fact, HubSpot explains that the first five seconds have the highest impact on conversation rates. We’ll help you optimize your site, images, and layout to shorten the loading time and prevent the potential loss of prospective customers.
  • Mobile optimization: Nearly everyone today uses mobile phones to access the web, more than desktops. Your business should optimize its website for mobile rather than shrinking its desktop design for a smaller screen. We can help you deploy a mobile-first experience to improve your user experience.
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SEO Search Engine Optimization

Search presence makes it easy for users to find your business through traditional search engines and social media. If people don’t know your business exists, you’ll have difficulty building an email list, reaching your target audience, and securing leads.

We can help you optimize your website ranking to boost your website traffic, generate more leads, and increase revenue with the following:

  • Local SEO
  • Keyword research
  • Technical SEO
  • Writing search-optimized content
  • Improving your site load time to reduce the bounce rate probability
  • Link building, which acts as a seal of approval 
  • On page SEO
  • Optimization for feature snippets 
  • Optimization for visual search 
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Domain authority
  • Video search engine optimization
  • Combating the decreasing CTRs

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Through paid advertising, SEM improves how customers find you and your product on the search engine. As search engines remain the primary way people find products, small businesses can work on their search engine marketing strategy to accrue success.

SEM can put your offer in front of the right nearly instantly. And it’s effective because it’s non-intrusive, as the customer is actively searching for what you provide.

However, the method is expensive and can cost your business thousands of dollars if wrongly done. Our advertising agency can help you crash your marketing goal by:

  • Researching your audience and competition to create a strategy that’s effective and relevant
  • Assessing your already-running PPC campaign to identify possible problems and recommend solutions that increase your result
  • Designing your campaign structure to help you target keywords that resonate with the right audience 
  • Allocating budget to ensure you’re spending on the right ad that gets returns
  • Optimizing Google ads so that every part of the ad works together

You should get the most out of your online advertising effort. We’ll first listen to what you want from your market and use the information to craft a plan that fits your needs.

Social Media Marketing

Nearly all businesses have a social media marketing strategy, but does it work? You might be getting impressions such as likes, followers, retweets, page views, and decent engagement.  However, can your business turn that interest into actual revenue?

We will:

  • Start with your business goals and work backward.  Many businesses want to use social media to drive more traffic, increase brand awareness, generate new leads, build a community around their brand, offer better social customer services, or increase mention in the press. We’ll take your bigger picture and create a blueprint to take you to the destination.
  • Invest resources and time on social media platforms where your target market hangs out most.
  • Create and share superior social media content.
  • Track and analyze results so that you can drive traffic and generate more leads with social media marketing.
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Straight From the Clients’ Mouth

  • “Whether you are a national brand or small business owner, you can have confidence that Chris and his team can consistently exceed your expectations.” — Elnora Cunningham, U-Haul International.
  • “Chris leads by example, is always willing to get his hands dirty to ensure a positive outcome for his clients, and remains professional throughout every interaction.” — Tom O’Neill, Google / Rakuten.
  • “Chris is truly an exceptional leader and marketer. His ability to craft relationships, design effective media campaigns, and advocate for his clients is second to none.” Chris Cunningham, Interscope Records.

Resonate Marketing Studio Will Shoulder All Your Galesburg, Illinois Marketing Needs?

With over two decades in the marketing industry, expect us to deliver:

  • Sharp, on-brand marketing services that feel exquisitely right
  • A smooth marketing process with a personable team that delivers results
  • An advertising agency that never stops learning — who invests thousands of dollars + hours in ongoing marketing training to ensure you get the right returns

Whether you’re a big or small business in Central Illinois and its surroundings, we can help you reach your potential customers and turn them into raving fans. Contact us today to get your marketing done right.

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