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A Full-Service Search Engine Marketing Company Peoria IL

Did you know that search engine marketing is by far the best way to connect with highly qualified audiences? These are often audiences ready to buy but looking for the right place to make a purchase which takes them to any one of the popular search engines. However, search engine marketing is time-consuming, requiring keyword research, search analysis, on-page optimization, managing ad campaigns, and, most of all, it requires a lot of experience. Often this is experience gained from years of trial and error.

At Resonate Marketing Studios, we are one of Peoria, Illinois’s leading search engine marketing companies, with a proven record of consistently delivering results with data-driven campaigns. Our team builds winning search engine campaigns from scratch; these campaigns are based on your specific business goals. In other words, we have what it takes to ensure online marketing success.

Search Engine Marketing Company Peoria IL

We use industry-leading tools for auditing websites and competitor campaigns to find what will work best and, most of all, what it will cost. Over time we aim to deliver more for less as the campaign continues to progress over time. This ensures the highest return on investment compared to any other marketing approach…most of all, the results are measurable.

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What Makes Resonate Marketing Studios Stand Out From Other Web Design Agencies?

Most businesses already understand the importance of paid search marketing in the context of organic search results. However, they soon find it isn’t as simple as setting up a campaign and running it. There is a lot more to it that not only takes a lot of time to master but also to see results. So, they give up sooner than they should.

Resonate Marketing Studios has been running all forms of paid ads for several years. We’ve been running these ads on behalf of our clients and even for ourselves. Over the years, we’ve understood what works and used that experience to help our clients pull in more targeted traffic for far less than they would pay. Plus, unlike other digital marketing agencies, are not afraid to try new things that help us outdo the competition.

Our highly experienced team of experts handles all the moving parts of running and honing paid ads. Like everything else in the online world, our consistent attention to your campaign and improving it over time will reduce your cost per click and improve click-through rates. Plus, we can work to improve conversions, which yields more leads for less!

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

A landing page plays a significant role in helping you convert prospects to leads or long-term customers. However, many Peoria businesses don’t realize that over time their conversion rates can decline, and if you’ve noticed this, getting leads has become harder and more expensive. That’s why it is essential to consistently test landing page copy and design.

We are leading conversation rate optimization experts (CRO) and SEM specialists because one of the things we do is consistently improve your landing page in every possible way. We are constantly testing new copy, new form design, and page design. A/B testing, as it is called, helps us identify what resonates with visitors and why. We can then serve the most effective landing page and do away with the ones that don’t perform as well.

The impact of CRO is two folds, the first being that it reduces your cost per acquisition and it also makes running ads cheaper. The result is that every lead or sale now costs far less than before we were working with you.

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Google Shopping Campaigns

In our experience, every eCommerce store should run a Google Shopping Campaign as it helps with the business’s search engine marketing. While email marketing, and link building are all well and good, not having a Google shopping campaign setup correctly could be costing your business big time.

The campaigns help improve your product’s visibility not just in surrounding communities but also translate to making your brand more recognizable. However, setting up these campaigns can be highly complex, and then once set up, managing them is extremely time-consuming, especially for someone with no AdWords experience.

We offer Google Shopping Campaign setup and operation as part of our search engine marketing or digital marketing services. Our team will develop customized feeds that include high-resolution images, product descriptions, and promotional text and add the required attributes. We then continue to monitor the campaign, to ensure that they are performing as they should.

Remarketing and Retargeting

Think of it this way: how often do leads come to your site and then navigate to another without buying anything? Remarketing helps to effectively remarket to people who landed on your website. However, this requires setting up a special remarketing campaign that helps reignite interest in the user, giving them a reason to return.

At Resonate Marketing Studios, we’ve been experimenting and running dozens of remarketing campaigns with remarkable success. While these campaigns can obviously get pretty technical, we handle all the heavy lifting so that you enjoy all the results. Our remarketing strategy is drafted based on your company’s unique needs. This allows us to ensure the highest ROI from the campaign while minimizing cost per lead.

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Ready To Take Your Business To The Next Level?

Professional search engine marketing like the type we offer is guaranteed to take your business to the next level. Experience getting more leads, sales and witness your business turn into a brand people trust. All of this while you continue to receive a steady stream of organic traffic.

At Resonate Marketing Studios, we have a team of leading experts that handle just about every aspect of your digital marketing campaign. This allows you to focus on what you do best i.e., selling, procuring, and managing clients.

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